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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Exclusive ECA help and guidance at the SFI Affiliate Resource Center

Did you know that the SFI Affiliate Resource Center also features helpful information for Affiliates who are also ECAs at TripleClicks? Many SFI Affiliates/ECAs converse, brainstorm, and share ideas and questions with each other at the Affiliate Resource Center, particularly in the Ask SC section of the site.

Here are two questions and links to answers provided by fellow Affiliates/ECAs at Ask SC:

1. As an ECA, what is the best way to use a dropshipper for your ECA Products?

2. What should a new ECA do and not do in their first month?

Hundreds of fellow Affiliates provided valuable answers for each of these questions. Read through their posts for great ECA-related tips and ideas not found anywhere else online!

For even more ECA-related questions and answers, just go to the Ask SC database in the SFI Affiliate Center Training section, and enter “ECA” in the search field.

AND…stop by the SFI Forum and check out the ECA section. In addition to information about recruiting other ECAs, you’ll also find LOTS of information about how best to operate your own ECA store successfully at TripleClicks.

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